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crucescore's Journal

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+ las cruces, nm
+ surrounding areas
+ events, all types

+ lcscene.com
+ KRUX 91.5
+ Musical Under Society
+ Myspace: Las Cruces Shows
+ El Paso Showlist.

+ Greene means Go! (Recording, Web Design)
+ Ah Design (Graphic Design, Print and Web)

+ Dirt Culture

Hi. Please post whatever you like. If it's HUGE maybe put it behind a cut, but most of us probably don't care. We want to know about events, any and all kinds. Thanks. Also, if you know of a band or whatever that's not listed in interests or have a website you'd like to see on this page let me know/

Oh, and btw we're taking OVER, thanks to Mike B. for starting out and running this community for years. And for giving it to us muah-ha-ha!

Amanda & Carrie
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